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2017-03-08 23:51:34 | Posted by jonathan Burstein

So living in southern California, there are so many things going on with legal Marijuana, let me start by saying, I have no idea what I am talking about, hence I am so confused. To start with we have propositions asking to tax, not to tax, government should be in the process, no government, outside ... Read more

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Cannabis Oil

2017-01-04 21:44:50 | Posted by jonathan Burstein

So now that I have been testing different oils through a vaporizer AKA vape, AKA battery, I have been finding some real likes. I have to start with a disclaimer, that I am a very indica friendly kind of guy and really don’t smoke much sativa at all, unless of course, I am asked for ... Read more

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The Invention of vaping is better then the I Phone

2016-12-16 01:29:02 | Posted by jonathan Burstein

So as I like to tell my fellow smokers who have been around for a while, and I will share it will you all. Vaping cannabis is probably the best invention of the 21st century. OMG. The smell on the vape is next to none, smoke does not rattle up your lungs nor the people ... Read more


WHAT I am a cannabis blogger

2016-12-14 02:07:31 | Posted by jonathan Burstein

For a guy who needs spell check and has not been known to be the greatest writer of all time, I am going to begin blogging about cannabis, the big “M” marijuana, weed, spliff, ganja, and weed for a start.  I hope to bring reason, understanding, fun, reviews of product, medical updates from around the ... Read more

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Cannacamp cannabis resorts

2015-09-01 07:31:20 | Posted by szanna M

Cannacamp, A Bud and Breakfast All Inclusive Resort Since the legalization of recreation pot in Colorado, marijuana tourism has taken off.  Allow me to introduce you to “Bud and Breakfast“, the new line of marijuana oriented vacation resorts and hotels.  With Amsterdam being destination number one for potheads worldwide, there is already much precedent for ... Read more

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Portable Bong – the Water Puff !

2015-08-31 07:44:47 | Posted by rebberm Eskin

Portable Bong Launches – turn any water bottle into a bong with WaterPuff In a world before waterpuff, we owned bongs.  You know, those beautiful decorative water purification smoking apparatuses?  Sure, they are awesome, but they are also bulky, breakable and hard to clean, not exactly an on-the-go bong.  So, in that pre-waterpuff world, when ... Read more

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Vaporizer for the outdoors

2015-08-31 08:05:03 | Posted by szanna M

The Vapium Summit The Vapium Summit is like the official vaporizer for outdoorsman.  It’s practically sponsored by Cliff Bars or something.  Their whole thing is that it’s more like a part of your camping gear than it is a part of your secret stash drawer in your office desk. It works in extreme temperatures, unlike ... Read more

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Oral Mucosal – Ingesting Marijuana

2015-06-17 08:45:45 | Posted by szanna M

Marijuana Delivery System –  Oral Mucosal You can smoke it, vape it, eat it, drop it under your tongue, drink it, rub it on and even bathe in it.  Cannabis works on your body in so many ways!  Each method for cannabis intake is referred to as a delivery system.  Let’s take a look at ... Read more

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Nepal Glasspipes

2015-06-09 08:25:30 | Posted by szanna M

Nepal Glasspipes – Support Nepal in Their Time of Need From within the Cannabis Community If you never thought much about Nepal in the past, you probably do now.  I think it’s a poignant time to introduce you to Nepal Glasspipes dba Himalayan Handicrafts, a Nepalese glass blowing studio which specializes in marijuana smoking paraphernalia. ... Read more

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Dixie Elixir claims CBD industry farce

2015-06-03 07:10:16 | Posted by szanna M

Dixie Elixirs’ Ex-Employee Claims Companies Products are a Farce In 2013, the head of science for Dixie Botanicals, no longer working for the company, claimed that her company, and indeed the entire edible CBD industry, was largely a farce. Marijuana is illegal in most states in America.  Even from legal state to legal state, shipping ... Read more

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Glass vaporizer- the Airizer

2015-06-01 09:15:58 | Posted by szanna M

The Airizer Air Review For those of you who have ADD and just want to know whether or not to buy Airizer’s newest model, Air, I’ll try to sum this up fast so you can move on. Basically, if you have the solo, and you like it except that you think it’s too big, but ... Read more

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Beautiful Beeline Hempwick

2015-05-31 06:43:26 | Posted by szanna M

Beeline Hempwick – definitely a favorite Beeline Hempwick is one of several certified 100% organic hemp wicks on the market.  I love ‘em and so will you.  You might be a hempwick connoisseur, or you might be wondering, what on earth would I do with that over priced string? I’ll tell you.  Hempwick is not ... Read more

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Gaboof Alfa Portable Vape Review

2015-05-25 16:00:49 | Posted by szanna M

The Gaboof Alfa is a tiny lady like stealthy little portable vape.  The Alfa is a dry herb vaporizer, that requires pretty finely ground pot.  It’s incredibly stealthy and the performance is pretty awesome.  You can get seriously nice big clouds of vapor with just a small little draw.  It’s great for sitting and puffing ... Read more

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Slimline bubbler for prep market

2015-05-22 12:00:44 | Posted by rebberm Eskin

Slimline Bubblers from Elevate Accessories hit the preppy market When you visit the Elevate Accessories website, the pictures boast dudes in button downs and chino’s getting high in style.  Their bubblers, clearly marketed for the connoisseur of all things fine, makes you feel as if, if you purchased this bubbler, you might get high on ... Read more

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Elevate’s one hit wood duggout

2015-05-21 13:46:39 | Posted by szanna M

Nicest Dugout Ever!  – Elevate Accessories Wood Dugout with One Hitter There are lots of reasons to want your weed paraphernalia to be stealthy.  Elevate Accessories has answered our prayers and given us one of the cutest little one hitter/ nug box combos on the market.  This thing is so small, you could stick it ... Read more

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Pipes worth Celebrating

2015-05-20 13:08:23 | Posted by szanna M

Celebration Pipes, by far the most aesthetic way to puff Celebration pipes are the most beautiful marijuana receptacles on the planet.  Celebration Pipes, are called that by their original creator, Steve, because he hopes that when marijuana is finally liberated, and his friends who are senselessly in jail over cannabis possession are freed from their jail ... Read more

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Best Portable Vaporizer – the Indica

2015-05-19 11:34:42 | Posted by szanna M

Vaporizing marijuana is an increasingly popular form of getting high.  Vaporizing, using vaporizers such as The Indica, is a carcinogen free high, eliminating the potential risk of long term illness associated with smoking (combustion method).  But health is not the only reason to invest in a portable vaporizer.  Vaporizing is discrete, with no smell or ... Read more

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The Pinnacle Pro DLX, the Ago G5 and the Dube 2

2015-04-29 13:06:12 | Posted by szanna M

Best Multimode Vape Pens on the Market; The Pinnacle Pro DLX, The Ago G5 and The Dube 2 As vaporizer technology advances, more and more vape pens are hitting the market which can accommodate loose leaf cannabis as well as wax and oils.  In this review we will look at The Pinnacle Pro DLX, The ... Read more

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Icebong with Arm Tree Percolator – review

2015-04-27 10:19:55 | Posted by rebberm Eskin

Consider the Icebong with HoneyComb Arm Tree Percolator If you’re looking for a bong whose glass has a unique density providing structural integrity, and varied coefficients of thermal expansion, then the Icebong with HoneyComb & 2×10 Arm Tree Percolator is for you!  Not sure what the hell I’m talking about?  Allow me to explain.  This ... Read more

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Glass Pocket Pipe – Chameleon Steamroller

2015-04-26 07:30:01 | Posted by szanna M

Best Steamroller Pipes – The Award Goes To The  Chameleon Steamroller marijuana pipes are not for the weak. They are more or less a tractor with a enormous drum on the front and back ends, filled with liquid, and heated to a very high temperature, then driven over asphalt to flatten it – Just kidding! ... Read more

D0vlqca 150x150

The Herbalizer – Desktop Vaporizer

2015-04-24 14:06:16 | Posted by szanna M

Best Desk Top Vaporizer; The Herbalizer Portable vaporizer technology is improving all the time, but the hit you get from them could never compare to a desktop vaporizer.  The Herbalizer is one of the nicest high end desktop vaporizers I’ve sampled.  While it is big, it’s like the Apple of vaporizers with a smooth sleek ... Read more

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Marijuana Bonfire Gets Town High

2015-04-21 09:33:34 | Posted by szanna M

EntireTown Gets High as Police Burn 3.3 tons of Marijuana Citizens of West Jakarta, Indonesia participated in the largest known contact high event on record as police burned a 3.3 ton pile of weed right outside the village.  Along with ecstasy and crystal meth, this pile of confiscated marijuana was about the size of an ... Read more

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Beta-Caryophyllene – Cannabis in a pill

2015-04-20 07:54:34 | Posted by szanna M

Beta-Caryophyllene; The Cannabinoid You May Have Been Waiting For It’s no secret that Big Pharma likes things to come neatly in pill form, and marijuana is no exception. The  alternative world has embraced whole foods diets and whole foods medicine.  Marijuana, totally unprocessed, has the power to heal us from so many troubles;  physical, psychological ... Read more

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder eased by THC

2015-04-16 07:06:09 | Posted by szanna M

Marijuana Found to be  a Powerful Drug for Easing PTSD Marijuana has been found to be therapeutic for those suffering from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  PTSD is a type of severe anxiety disorder following a traumatic event.  The most common association with PTSD is war veterans who witnessed atrocities in the battle field, but ... Read more

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Drug testing for marijuana in workplace

2015-04-15 10:08:40 | Posted by szanna M

With changes to the marijuana consumption laws in many states, drug testing for use of cannabis and marijuana in the workplace has become more common. But many people who work at jobs that don’t include driving, operating machinery or practical medicine, feel that they should be exempt from drug testing at work.  If marijuana use ... Read more

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Sleep Longer and deeper on weed

2015-04-13 07:12:39 | Posted by szanna M

When I was in high school I got high all the time.  Weed was purely recreational.  At one point in time, in my early 20’s I had started getting sort of bummed out when I smoked and resorted to puffing only just before bed as a sleep aid.  Many people have found that a toke ... Read more

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Cannabis; Drug, Medicine or Food?

2015-04-01 10:27:47 | Posted by szanna M

Cannabis has many botanically oriented names; weed, bud, flower,   but what about vegetable?  The definition of a vegetable is both botanical and functional.  To be considered a vegetable a plant must be grown for consumption of the leaf (i.e. kale), root (i.e. beet) , stem (i.e. celery) or flower (i.e. artichoke).  Additionally, it must ... Read more

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Study Finds Marijuana Does Not Lead to Violent Behavior

2015-03-31 09:46:27 | Posted by szanna M

A new study conducted at University of Tennessee and Florida State University finds that marijuana does not seem to have any correlation to violent behavior. Additional studies by the same authors found that the grass is always greener on the other side, and that planting trees often leads to reforestation.  I jest.  But the first ... Read more

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Stone-age Stoners; Is Marijuana Paleo?

2015-03-25 10:31:18 | Posted by szanna M

Did cavemen smoke weed?  The paleo folk are looking for answers and guidance. You may be familiar with the increasingly popular “paleo diet”.  Contrary to just about the entire history of earth friendly, health conscious, hippy noshing diets, the paleo diet is mostly meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.  You may be wondering why anyone who ... Read more

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What would Jesus have smoked ?

2015-03-23 14:51:26 | Posted by szanna M

Internet users perusing the pages of American Christian blogs in recent months may have noticed the considerable buzz surrounding the sweeping movement of legal medical marijuana in more and more American states.  Pastors and Educators traditionally pushed the argument against marijuana smoking by citing Paul’s letter to the Galatians, where he states that Christians must ... Read more

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The Marijuana Miracle; How Can One Plant Heal Everything?

2015-03-22 08:30:43 | Posted by szanna M

Marijuana is currently regarded as being a heal-all.  How is it that one little plant can do so much?  Let me start with the argument against.  It is true that a plethora of research is pointing towards marijuana being an effective drug in treating ailments in just about every part of the brain and body. ... Read more

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Marijuana Ice Cream , Enjoy a Cone

2015-03-18 15:05:28 | Posted by szanna M

The stoner community is positively beside themselves with glee at the mere suggestion that Ben & Jerry’s could possibly consider producing a marijuana ice cream. Co-Founder of our beloved frozen dairy treat, Ben Cohen, said in an interview that he would consider being open to a psycho-active flavor.  Jerry Greenfield, his partner in “crime” agreed ... Read more

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Israel – exporting Cannabis knowledge

2015-03-15 07:58:25 | Posted by szanna M

In the 1960’s, Raphael Mechoulam, a young organic chemist residing in Jerusalem, discovered THC and its endogenous counterpart anandamide.  In the 1960’s, as well as today, Israel stands at the forefront of marijuana research.  Carrying the legacy of his name, researchers recently named a new strain of marijuana “Rafael”, which is also the name of ... Read more

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Marijuana Munchies and Anti-Munchies

2015-03-11 10:33:13 | Posted by szanna M

Marijuana was hailed as a medicinal plant as early as 2737 B.C.E. by Chinese emperor Shen Nung.  World spread “quickly” and by 1000 BCE Indians recorded ganja’s medical benefits.  Not long after in 500 B.C.E. the ancient Greeks were treating their ills with cannabis.  But when did people start getting high for the sake of ... Read more

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Marijuana Farmers Versus Isis

2015-03-10 08:42:51 | Posted by szanna M

Amidst  the chaos and brutality of the “Holy” war in Syria and Iraq,  sectarian conflict has brought a change in fortunes to the Lebanese marijuana farmers of the Bekaa valley.  The ancient proverb “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” has long been a foundation of middle east politics. Though the valley is only ... Read more

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Marijuana – safest therapeutic drug

2015-03-04 12:47:58 | Posted by szanna M

The Safety Profile of Medical Cannabis By Suzanna Mountain Scientists and Archeologists are in agreement, ancients cultivated cannabis for medical, psychedelic and divinatory use.  Marijuana has remained in use worldwide for the same purposes till today.  In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act put an end to all forms of legal pot use in America.  The ... Read more

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Government hypocrisy over marijuana patent

2015-03-03 07:01:25 | Posted by szanna M

Do as We Say Not As We Do The Federal government of the United States currently classifies Marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug.  In order to be classified as such, the feds are claiming that marijuana has a high potential for abuse, cannot provide any medical benefits, and that the drug cannot be used safely under ... Read more

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Weed News High-Lights

2015-02-24 23:23:58 | Posted by szanna M

It’s been an amazing few weeks in marijuana news.  The Surgeon General of the United States acknowledged the medical benefits of marijuana on public television,  plans are put forth to transform a former jail into a massive grow room in Colorado, new research emerges on multiple fronts including marijuana for Alzheimer’s prevention.  But let’s not ... Read more

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Cannabis is Good For Your Memory

2015-02-23 22:25:49 | Posted by szanna M

I’ve been smoking weed since I was about 12.  Regularly since about 15 with some pretty significant hiatuses here and there.  My memory at this point is pretty fuzzy and I often wonder if it’s because of years of marijuana use or just time.  It’s true that marijuana use can affect memory function in multiple ... Read more

Vivek murthy 150x150

Surgeon General Endorses Medical Marijuana

2015-02-23 09:16:18 | Posted by szanna M

Last Wednesday, Dr. Vivek Murthy, the Surgeon General, appeared on “CBS This Morning” and said “We have some preliminary data showing that for certain medical conditions and symptoms, that marijuana can be helpful… I think that we have to use that data to drive policymaking,”.  He is hopeful that we will get more data on the ... Read more

Kehnp1 150x150

Bhang – Sacred Cannabis

2015-02-15 22:32:47 | Posted by szanna M

Today in America we talk a lot about medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.  The other day I read about legalization in Jamaica, where the use of marijuana is a central practice in a major indigenous religion, Rastafarianism.  Possession of less than 2 ounces will be decriminalized and a legal system will be put in place ... Read more

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Marijuana and the Human Genome

2015-02-05 08:33:45 | Posted by szanna M

Marijuana memory lane… When I was young I used to get high with friends and sit around for hours and hours;  laughing, munching, listening to music, getting lost in a maze of deep yet incomprehensible thoughts.  You know, the usual. I’m a loud person.  I have something to say about everything and I usually say ... Read more

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Jamaican’s Can Finally Start Smoking Weed (legally)!

2015-02-04 14:32:46 | Posted by szanna M

“Legalize it.  Don’t criticize it.  Legalize it, and I will advertise it… Some call it the Weed, some call it Marijuana, some of them call it ganja.  Never mind, got to legalize it.” – Bob Marley This might be cheating, since it’s a marijuana blog and all, but let’s give it a try anyway; Let’s ... Read more

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Apple Rejects Marijuana Apps

2015-02-03 08:49:54 | Posted by szanna M

These days every business, even a marijuana business, has a hard time succeeding without being properly hooked up on the web.  If your site doesn’t come up in a google search, no one sees it.  And if your app can’t be accessed through Apple’s App Store, then you’ve got problems.  Unfortunately, Apple CEO Tim Cook ... Read more

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Shakespeare’s brush with weed

2015-02-02 08:35:58 | Posted by szanna M

What is that Bard talking about in this marijuana sonnet? Well in this fair sonnet, to put it too simply, Will is telling his Love that he just can’t seem to move on to new literary explorations, can’t change his style, and why.  His love compels him to write only of love… SONNET 76 by ... Read more

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Hash Oil: Fun, Explosions and Legality

2015-01-25 11:19:46 | Posted by szanna M

Hash oil is a viscous and resinous cannabinoid extract also known as shatter, honey oil, sativa BHO (butane hash oil) and crumble.  It is very high in THC and the most potent of all cannabis extracts.  It’s comprised of highly psychedelic essential oils and other intoxicating compounds. The most common method of production is a ... Read more

Joint 150x150

Breathe Easy Marijuana Smokers, Your Lungs are Doing Just Fine!

2015-01-21 06:51:23 | Posted by szanna M

Long term study finds that Cannabis smokers who smoke one joint a day for twenty years showed absolutely no decrease in lung function!  Hooray!  For health conscious puffers who worried about whether smoking marijuana was analogous to tobacco smoking in terms of the effect it has on lung function, the time has come to rejoice. ... Read more

2chainz 150x150

Worst Marijuana Interview of the Year on HLN

2015-01-19 08:21:18 | Posted by szanna M

Disgruntled talking head and anti marijuana spokeswoman, Nancy Grace, takes on rap star and legalization activist, 2 Chainz.  Watching these two illogical incomprehensible Georgian natives try to navigate a conversation on marijuana on national television was like trying to effectively mediate between two toddlers arguing over who is better, Elsa or Anna.  Neither of them ... Read more

Breastfeeding1 150x150

Marijuana and Breastfeeding

2015-01-18 11:13:44 | Posted by szanna M

Marijuana, Breastfeeding, and Lots of Blah Blah Blah From Medical “Experts” After reading loads of ridiculous non scientific blah blah blah on the internet about marijuana use in breastfeeding mothers, I feel compelled to begin this post by introducing myself.  I am not a scientist.  I have not conducted any long term double blind studies. ... Read more

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A Beginners Guide to Cannabis sativa Sub Species

2015-01-18 11:13:56 | Posted by szanna M

Marijuana, or now that we’re talking science, Cannabis sativa, is an entirely edible member of the plant family Cannabaceae.  The leaves and flowers can be eaten fresh or cooked.  Highly nutritious oils can be extracted from marijuana seeds.  Even the stalk is edible, although it can be argued that it is best used for fiber ... Read more

Koala2 150x150

Do animals consume cannabis ?

2015-01-14 08:55:38 | Posted by szanna M

  We weed smoking humans have lots in common with the rest of our mammal family.  Two eyes, two ears, a nose, reproductive organs and a penchant for getting high among other things.  We tend to think that humans are different than the rest of the animal kingdom in that we are seemingly alone in ... Read more

Egypt 150x150

Ancient Medicine; Cannabis and Egypt

2015-01-13 06:42:21 | Posted by szanna M

From Bhang in India to Kaneh Bosem in the Bible, the ancient use of Cannabis for sacred, medical and recreational purposes is well documented.  The Egyptians practiced the most advanced medical system in the ancient world, complete with written medical guides. Hemp pollen has been found in mummies and soil samples, along with other sacred ... Read more

Marijuana woman man 150x150

Medical Marijuana as Preventative Medicine

2015-01-08 09:54:26 | Posted by szanna M

Research has proven again and again that cannabis can be used to treat a wide array of medical conditions from loss of appetite to cancer.  Due to the compatibility between the endocannabinoid system and phytocannabinoids found in marijuana, we are able to trigger a shift towards homeostasis in nearly every physiological system in the body ... Read more

Cupcakes 150x150

Cannabis Baking Basics; Let’s Get Baked!

2015-01-07 09:26:54 | Posted by szanna M

by Suzanna Mountain Take out your measuring cups cannabis weed lovers, it’s time to give “wake and bake” a whole new meaning.  For many ganja connoisseurs edibles are the preferred method of getting high because it is hands down the healthiest.  Smoking weed compromises the health of your lungs (and the rest of your body!) ... Read more

Endocannabinoid system 150x150

Weed Science and the Endocannabinoid System

2015-01-05 13:08:22 | Posted by szanna M

by Suzanna Mountain Have you ever wondered why marijuana gets you high and strawberries don’t? Did you ever wonder if Peter Tosh was right when he said that cannabis was good for asthma?  Did you forget to pay attention in 9th grade biology?  Never mind, we’ll start from scratch. Many people question the validity of ... Read more

Morning sickness 150x150

Cannabis and Pregnancy; Getting High for Two

2014-12-30 08:19:36 | Posted by szanna M

by Suzanna Mountain There are many reasons for a mother-to-be to smoke marijuana, not the least of which is relief from the agony of first trimester nausea.  The use of cannabis in pregnancy and labor is not just a modern practice.  Seventh century documents from India and Persia cite ganja as an important medicine for ... Read more

Smoke weed 150x150

Cannabis and Religion; weed in the Bible?

2015-01-05 13:08:35 | Posted by szanna M

by Suzanna Mountain Does biblical law take a stance on weed? Are religious Jews permitted to get high? What aboutMuslims, Christians and other Bible based faiths? The Bible doesn’t come right out and say “yes” or “no”as it does with so many other facets of life. Is that because our forefathers and foremothers didn’t know where ... Read more

Thc tetra hydro cannabinol protects the brain copy 150x150

Cannabis and Psychosis; Cause or Cure?

2014-12-30 08:19:55 | Posted by szanna M

by Suzanna Mountain More and more studies are evidencing Cannabis use as a natural anti-schizophrenic drug.  How can scientists reconcile these facts with the more common studies and anecdotal evidence indicating Marijuana as a psychosis inducing drug?  The secret to this mysterious paradox can be found on the molecular level.  The healing properties of Cannabis ... Read more

Green salves 570 150x150

Benfits of Medical Marijuana Salves, Lotions and Oils

2014-12-25 12:18:48 | Posted by berkoadam Berkowitz

Medical marijuana is now legal in almost half the states in the USA, and in the process of being legalized in several more. The classic movie ‘Reefer Madness’ would have us believe that North America is about to be overrun by hordes of drug-crazed hippies willing to kill everyone in suburbia for their stash of ... Read more

White house christmas1 150x150

White house Amendment to Marijuana law

2014-12-30 08:19:44 | Posted by szanna M

The White House has just signed a bill to prevent the use of Federal money to persecute States across America from passing and implementing their own laws in regard to medical marijuana. Until now, Federal law allowed for the arrest and persecution of cannabis users and growers even in States where Marijuana use was legal. ... Read more

O welfare drug test facebook 150x150

Marijuana detox – flush !

2014-12-16 07:23:19 | Posted by berkoadam Berkowitz

I am pro-marijuana, but unfortunately, there are many who disagree with my position on puffing. One is the US Military, and another might be your boss. As an unfortunate consequence, drug testing is a reality with dire consequences. Picture this scenario: You and a friend have just harvested a rare Afghan sativa that you raised ... Read more

Stack of soap 150x150

Clean and Green – hemp soap

2014-12-15 09:22:39 | Posted by berkoadam Berkowitz

When I was growing up, marijuana was a bunch of stems, seeds, and dried up leaves, which came in a baggie, cost money, but was well worth it because you put in a pipe, bong or rolling paper and smoked it, and when you did, it made you stoned.  Apparently, that perception of cannabis has ... Read more

Maijuanacupcakes 150x150

Edible Marijuana – a do it yourself guide

2014-12-08 08:23:47 | Posted by berkoadam Berkowitz

There are more ways to experience marijuana than you might think. One of the less utilized ways to enjoy marijuana is to ingest it. Most people have heard of hash brownies, fewer people have actually tried them, and even fewer still are aware of the multitude of options possible for eating your pot. Edible marijuana ... Read more

A quick intro to hydroponics

2014-12-04 15:03:41 | Posted by berkoadam Berkowitz

Growing Marijuana Hydroponically Hydroponics can be a bit intimidating at first, however it has distinctive benefits over growing outdoors, and sometimes is the only possible method available. Plants grow faster with better yields. The theory is that if the plant has the nutrients readily available in the most easily utilized form, more energy can be ... Read more

Weed calender 150x150

Calendar of upcoming medical cannabis events

2014-12-29 10:44:47 | Posted by berkoadam Berkowitz

January 21-22 Cannabis Tax and Law Symposium, 1551 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego CA, 92106 For businessmen, accountants, and lawyers involved in the cannabis industry, this two day seminar will inform them of the current state of the legalities and taxes involved in the industry. http://cannabisbusinesssummit.com/tax-law/ January 23-25 Hempcon, San Jose Convention Center, San Jose ... Read more