A Beginners Guide to Cannabis sativa Sub Species

2015-01-18 11:13:56 | Posted by szanna M
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Marijuana, or now that we’re talking science, Cannabis sativa, is an entirely edible member of the plant family Cannabaceae.  The leaves and flowers can be eaten fresh or cooked.  Highly nutritious oils can be extracted from marijuana seeds.  Even the stalk is edible, although it can be argued that it is best used for fiber production.  A smart plant for civilization to invest its resources in.

Cannabis sativa is a species comprised of three distinct sub species.  So distinct that there is even some debate on whether they constitute their own individual species.

A brief review of the sub species:


Ruderalis is the sub species commonly referred to as hemp.  The hemp plant contains such a small quantity of the psychoactive molecule, THC, that it is not useful as an intoxicant.  Despite hemps’ status as a non-drug plant, it is still not legal for growth in all states.   Hemp can be used for a wildly diverse amount of products including oil, resin, paper, cloth, pulp and even fuel.


The indica variety of marijuana is a short, stocky plant producing its own unique high.  Indica can induce deep relaxation.  It is known to induce a mainly body-high and makes many people sleepy. Medically, Indica is most effective in providing pain relief, treating sleep disorders and alleviating anxiety.  Indica makes for nice indoor plants due to their short and wide stature.  They imbue a lovely sweet and sour aroma which can be found in popular strains such as Kush and Northern Lights.  Indica strains for the most part contain a higher concentration and variety of cannabinoids than sativa.


Sativa is by far the most preferred strain of marijuana overall.  It is a tall and slender plant which lends itself nicely to outdoor growth.  There are strains of sativa which stand at nearly eight meters tall.  The sativa high tends to be energetic and uplifting, lending itself nicely to creative pursuits.  Medically, it is most commonly applied to physiological ailments such as depression.  Sativa is a lovely choice for the morning and evening smoker for it’s somewhat stimulating effects.

Of course, trying to strictly categorize the natural world is an exercise in futility.  Many of the most popular marijuana strains are sativa/indica hybrids.  Many indica strains do produce a cerebral high and many sativa strains produce a body high.  The above is a guide to get a sense of the general traits of the different sub-species of weed.

For a detailed description of different strains and their particular effects see www.weedsta.com

by Suzanna Mountain