Beautiful Beeline Hempwick

2015-05-31 06:43:26 | Posted by szanna M
Beeline hemp

Beeline Hempwick – definitely a favorite

Beeline Hempwick is one of several certified 100% organic hemp wicks on the market.  I love ‘em and so will you.  You might be a hempwick connoisseur, or you might be wondering, what on earth would I do with that over priced string?

I’ll tell you.  Hempwick is not just more expensive hemp string.  Hemp wick is hemp twine coated in wax (in this case beeswax) which provides an alternative to matches and lighters and is most commonly used by marijuana enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the cleanest and purest flavor of their bowl.  As you may have noticed, using a butane lighter imparts some of that nasty butane flavor to your puff.  Although subtle, once one becomes aware of it, it’s hard to ignore it.  And it’s not just the flavor that deters one from regularly inhaling trace amounts of butane, it’s also a health issue.  Now that this healthy, organic alternative is available in nearly every headshop and multiple online stores, you can free yourself of that nasty butane taste and get with the hemp wicking.

But how?  It’s pretty simple really.  You light your hempwick with a lighter (I know, the old lighter again) and then hold the lit wick over your bowl and proceed just as if it were a lighter. One very important note is to be extremely careful to extinguish the wick after use.  Like a candle, this wick is designed to stay lit.  Think of how difficult it would be to use if it went out while you were trying to light your buds.  And it stays lit!  So avoid the temptation to take a hit and then place the wick down beside you.

If you’re anything like me, you are a chronic lighter loser and stealer.  I often come home with someone else’s lighter in my pocket and can’t for the life of me figure out where my own lighter went.  But, if you are not this guy, and you keep your lighters till their dying flame, you will be happy to hear that using hempwicks will extend the life of your lighter pretty much indefinitely.  Since you use the butane infrequently, just to ignite the hempwick, your lighter will last you years!  Keep track of your lighter by wrapping your hempwick around it.  It conveniently combines two tools which must be used in unison, keeps your hempwick from getting into a knotty bundle, and helps you indentify your lighter when you’re chilling around someone like me.

Beeline is a pretty cute brand.  They grew up in Maui and spent two years trying to create the perfect product in their parents kitchen.  Now all of their hemp comes from Eastern Europe and their products are shipped internationally.