Best Portable Vaporizer – the Indica

2015-05-19 11:34:42 | Posted by szanna M

Vaporizing marijuana is an increasingly popular form of getting high.  Vaporizing, using vaporizers such as The Indica, is a carcinogen free high, eliminating the potential risk of long term illness associated with smoking (combustion method).  But health is not the only reason to invest in a portable vaporizer.  Vaporizing is discrete, with no smell or smoke, you can vaporize just about anywhere and go unnoticed.  Additionally, vaporizing makes better use of the marijuana that you’ve already spent money on.  When vaporized, marijuana is 85% more potent than when smoked.  This means you use less bud to achieve the same high.  When you do the math on that, shelling out a few hundred dollars on a nice portable vaporizer seems like a money saver.  Here are some of the best options on the market.

The Indica Vaporizer

A truly amazing invention, the Indica vaporizer is barely larger than your keys.  It fits snugly in your pocket and looks just like a zippo lighter, sparing you the “what on earth is that” conversation.  About 3 inches tall, 2 inches wide and just under an inch deep, this vaporizer is about as discrete as it gets.  With a chamber capacity of .26grams+, you’ll get about 20-30 hits per chamber full.   A fully charged battery will last you up to 1.5 hours of nonstop use, or days of moderate use.  Check out their website at

MiniVAP Vaporizer

Next up is the miniVAP.  While larger and bulkier than the Indica, you can’t beat the technology of the miniVAP.  You will get the cleanest high, with unprecedented aroma and flavor.  The battery life is laughably long at 6 hours of continuous use due to the lithium ion battery.  The secret behind the miniVAP is laminar heat flow.  Only the miniVAP uses this technology which pulls the hot air in a constant even flow over the herb, giving the inhaler a consistent vaporization.  There is no doubt you will enjoy this vaporizer, but you will pay a price for it.  The miniVAP, at just over $500.00, is one of the more expensive pieces on the market.  They nice people at miniVAP do recognize that it is a great expense, and provide buyers with a comprehensive 3 year warranty.  The miniVAP does not resemble anything else that one would normally store in their pocket, which is, in my opinion, a downside. Check it out at

Atmos Transporter

The sleek, copper colored Atmos Transporter is designed to look like a flask, so make sure to tell your roommates or spouses to avoid pouring whisky all over it.  What can I say about the Atmos Transporter?  It’s a fine piece of equipment.  You’ll get  nice even flow of vapor without any shaking or fidgeting. The cost is great, at only $165.00 you’ll be vaping affordably.