Cannabis and Religion; weed in the Bible?

2015-01-05 13:08:35 | Posted by szanna M
Smoke weed

by Suzanna Mountain

Does biblical law take a stance on weed? Are religious Jews permitted to get high? What aboutMuslims, Christians and other Bible based faiths? The Bible doesn’t come right out and say “yes” or “no”as it does with so many other facets of life. Is that because our forefathers and foremothers didn’t know where to score a dime-bag or how to roll blunts? Does it just go without saying that drugs are wrong?

Maybe, just maybe it went without saying because… because… of course it’s holy to puff! Because weed is a holy medicine that makes us chill, feel good and connect to the Source of All Good. What could the Holy One possibly have against it?

A brief internet search shows that we were not alone in asking these questions. One of the most interesting things I found on my search was the word “Cannei Bosem” or fragrant reed. One Englishversion of the Bible translated by Aryeh Kaplan says of Cannei Bosem “Ancient sources identify this with the sweet calamus. This is the sweetflag or flagroot, Acoras calmus which grows in Europe. It appears that a similar species grew in the Holy Land, in the Hula region in ancient times… On the basis of cognatepronunciation and Septuagint readings, some identify Kaneh bosem with the English and Greek cannabis, the hemp plant.”

Kaneh bosem appears in the Book of Exodus, the second book of the Bible, in a section listing the ingredients in the anointing oil used in the Holy Temple. The anointing oil was made only one time in history, by Moses himself. It is said that Moses had to provide all of the plants used in this oil. Moses may have been a grower!

Blogger and Marijuana personality Yoseph Leib Ibn Mardachya says in a post on the matter “Kineh is a reed, yes, “aromatic cane”, I suppose that’s a reasonable trans lation. But hebrew is such a sublimely simple language, where many divergent ideas are rooted in the same three letter roots. KiNeH is not just reed, It’s also a wind pipe, a voice box, the space from your elbow to your fist, a nest is a KaiN Tzippurim, any acquisition is called a KiNYaN, to acquire is LiKNOT, and the greco-latin word “Konnect” is basically what reeds do. They connect one divine thing from one place to another.

And bosem? Fragrant is kind of a beautiful word I guess, but know that it’s the most general hebrew word for perfume or spice. But only one word in hebrew describes something so specifically as to have the word bosem in the name.”

Not only is weed not prohibited by the Bible, marijuana is a sacred plant, a holy ingredient in a mysterious oil used to initiate sacred items. In fact, the words Christ and Messiah actually mean “anointed” or “the anointed one”. What were they anointed with? This good oil containing Cannei Bosem, cannabis!

To life! Smoke up!