Cannabis Baking Basics; Let’s Get Baked!

2015-01-07 09:26:54 | Posted by szanna M

by Suzanna Mountain

Take out your measuring cups cannabis weed lovers, it’s time to give “wake and bake” a whole new meaning.  For many ganja connoisseurs edibles are the preferred method of getting high because it is hands down the healthiest.  Smoking weed compromises the health of your lungs (and the rest of your body!) while eating weed, if mixed with healthy ingredients, can only contribute to your overall health.  With trendy gourmet marijuana edibles on the rise, it’s a good idea to master the basic ingredients you’ll need to get started.  With these starter ingredients on hand, you’ll be flipping cannabis pancakes and munching on stoner scones in no time.

When THC is processed by the liver, as it is when you eat it, the result is about 4 times the potency of that same quantity of herb when smoked.  Eat with care and caution.  Additionally, note that when consumed, cannabis takes anywhere from 30 – 120 minutes to take full effect.  If you aren’t baked at 45 minutes… just wait longer.

Cannabis Flour

Cannabis flour, despite its fancy name is nothing more than ground marijuana.  You can use buds and leafs, but it is best to remove all stems and seeds before grinding.   Once you have isolated your flours and leaves go ahead and grind in your preferred method.  For bigger batches consider using a large good processor such as a Cuisinart.  For mini batches you can even use a small coffee grinder (just make sure it is cleaned well from coffee remnants).

Ganja flour is not meant to replace regular flour in recipes in a one to one ratio so make sure to follow a recipe intended for ganja flour until you get the hang of it and can alter your favorite recipes on your own.

Cannabis Butter

what you need:

  • 1 pound of butter (450 g)
  • 1 cup cannabis flour
  • a saucepan half filled with water
  • some cheese cloth

Set water to boil in the sauce pan.  Then stir the butter into the boiling water until fully melted.  Then add 1 cup cannabis flour to the pot and let the mixture boil on low for about 30 minutes.  Make sure to stir occasionally otherwise you will get a yucky mess at the bottom.

Next separate the liquids from the solids by pouring the mixture through cheese cloth (or if you don’t have any, stockings will do).  Strain the infused butter (which will currently be made up of liquefied THC butter and water) directly into a mixing bowl and discard the solids that remain in the cheese cloth.  Although it still looks like weed, all of the good stuff has been extracted.

Let the mixture cool for a while on the counter and then pour into a baking dish and place in the fridge.  The infused butter will float to the top and solidify and the water will remain on the bottom.

When fully cooled and separated, scoop off the THC butter and discard the water.

Congratulations! Bake and enjoy!

Cannabis Oil

The simplest of all extractions.  Simply place your favorite buds into a fine olive oil at a 1 to 1 ratio.  For example 28 oz of oil and 28 oz of weed.   Let them sit together for about a week.  Bon Appétit!


Potency Chart – 1 gram of weed = 1 oz. ganja olive oil = 1 spoonful of cannabutter