Cannacamp cannabis resorts

2015-09-01 07:31:20 | Posted by szanna M

Cannacamp, A Bud and Breakfast All Inclusive Resort

Since the legalization of recreation pot in Colorado, marijuana tourism has taken off.  Allow me to introduce you to “Bud and Breakfast“, the new line of marijuana oriented vacation resorts and hotels.  With Amsterdam being destination number one for potheads worldwide, there is already much precedent for cannabis vacations.  But now, at Cannacamp, you can canna-tour Colorado style on the ranch.  

Without going on an insulting tirade about why I personally never went to a regular resort, I will just say that when you are deeply entrenched in a counter culture, those resort ads with happy smiling normal people drinking cola just don’t call out to me “you belong here”.  But checking out the cannacamp website, it was love at first sight.  This is a resort geared toward you and me!

Cannacamp is on 170-acres of some of the most mind blowing nature you’ve laid your eyes on, especially if you are not a rocky mountain native.  With accommodations which are luxurious but not pretentious, you can relax and enjoy the views with a joint in each hand out on the veranda without feeling overindulgent.  

There is so much to do at Cannacamp!  Depending on your style, you can puff on some indica and lounge your day away in your secluded cabin with your loved one or a book, or you can roll up a sativa spliff and spend the day hopping from activity to activity.  What is there to do at cannacamp other than get high in nature?  I’m glad you asked.

Cooking with Cannabis enjoy cooking classes that will teach you the art of THC infused gourmet cooking.  If you’ve come to cannacamp solo, this is a great opportunity to socialize and meet folks.

Cannabis Education Classes  whether your an old timer or a novice stoner, you may enjoy a little brain gym on your vacation.  Hey, it’s never too late to learn something new!  Cannacamp educators will enlighten you on various subjects ranging from marijuana law and economy, to the science behind your favorite mind altering compounds.

Cannabis Yoga despite what they say on their site, this is pretty much just doing yoga while high.  Not to be missed!

Canvas & Cannabis as you’ve probably already experienced, cannabis can get your creative juices flowing.  Just like high school art class except you don’t have to pretend that you aren’t high!

In addition, you can enjoy glass blowing demonstrations, bonfires, Cannabis pairing meals, cannabis infused massages, and the cannacamp signature hang out, the 4:20 happy hour, where guests gather to laugh and chill out together.

Have a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday or other occasion on the horizon?  Make your reservations!