Drug testing for marijuana in workplace

2015-04-15 10:08:40 | Posted by szanna M
Urine and saliva sample

With changes to the marijuana consumption laws in many states, drug testing for use of cannabis and marijuana in the workplace has become more common. But many people who work at jobs that don’t include driving, operating machinery or practical medicine, feel that they should be exempt from drug testing at work.  If marijuana use in your free time doesn’t impair your ability to function at work, then why should testing for cannabis be legal?  Unfortunately there is no test to evaluate whether your marijuana use is occurring during or after work hours and therefore employers have a right to test both randomly or based on suspicion.

The only way to legally refuse a drug test and maintain employment is if you can prove that you are being discriminated against.  In order to do this you must establish that other employees are not being tested as frequently and that the choice to test you was not randomized (i.e. you gave your employer no reason to suspect drug use and yet you are being tested more frequently).  Refusing to be drug tested can result in lawful termination.

Currently, there are no drugs that will lead to false positives for marijuana urine tests.  Even Marinol, the Schedule 3 FDA approved synthetic marijuana medication, can be identified in one subsequent test after an initial positive.  Unfortunately making excuses for false positives cannot be realistically backed up.

Even the use of medical marijuana in states where it is relevant does not excuse you from being tested or from showing up positive for cannabis use.  Because of marijuana’s federal classification as a Schedule 1 substance, an employer may legally terminate a prescription carrying marijuana user in a legalized state.  Hopefully laws will be amended to accommodate for legal medical users in the near future.

Your best bet for passing a drug test is to dilute your urine of TCH-COOH metabolites in the hours leading up to the test. Though there are many product on the market, as well as suggestions to take Vitamin C, vinegar, goldenseal or niacin before a urine test,  there is zero evidence that any of these products are effective and  it is best to avoid them.  As long as there are traces of THC in your body, you will continue to produce metabolites as you break down that THC.  Frequent urination will not slow the bodies metabolism and therefore “flushing” the system by diluting urine need only be done in the hours leading up to the test.  Days of flushing will do nothing to change your test results since your body continues to metabolize and produce byproducts, aka THC-COOH.

Several hours before your test, drink 2 quarts of water and attempt to urinate several times. You can use any mild diuretic such as coffee and cranberry juice to get things flowing.  Do not attempt to drink more than two quarts, while the THC-COOH in your urine will be reduced, so will everything else and your test will be considered invalid.  Two quarts of water should be enough of a minor dilution to help the occasional smoker be in the clear without invalidating the sample.