Edible Marijuana – a do it yourself guide

2014-12-08 08:23:47 | Posted by berkoadam Berkowitz

There are more ways to experience marijuana than you might think. One of the less utilized ways to enjoy marijuana is to ingest it. Most people have heard of hash brownies, fewer people have actually tried them, and even fewer still are aware of the multitude of options possible for eating your pot. Edible marijuana is an entirely different experience than smoking, with both pros and cons.

Benefits of eating your stash

  • More efficient use, since it doesn’t just float away in the smoke
  • More intense effect
  • Doesn’t irritate the lungs
  • No odor
  • It can be yummy
  • Delayed reaction and longer lasting
  • It can be a good way to store your THC in a clandestine manner, though not at all recommended. No decent narc will be fooled. CAUTION: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN, AS THERE HAVE BEEN INSTANCES OF CHILDREN EATING SPIKED BAKED GOODS AND CHOCOLATE. VERY BAD KARMA!!

Since none of the THC is lost in the air as smoke, it would appear that eating is a more efficient use of your stash. Infusions are also a good way to utilize the parts of the plant that are unpleasant or inefficient to smoke, like thicker stems. Subjective accounts report that eating marijuana is a more intense, almost psychedelic experience. That has yet to be proven, however it should be noted that ingesting marijuana delays the onset of the effect. The effects of marijuana are usually felt a few minutes after smoking. When marijuana is eating, the THC must be absorbed into the digestive tract and it can take up to two full hours to feel the full effects.

The first thing you should know when preparing to ingest marijuana is that THC is not easily soluble in water, so making a tea is out of the question. THC is soluble in fats and lipids, or alcohol. There are many states that permit medical marijuana but only in non-smoking form. The THC and CBD will be absorbed into oil, frequently olive oil, and orally administered. In ancient India, marijuana was fried in clarified butter (ghee) and then filtered out. The oil was then used to prepare foods that would have the added benefit of getting the diner stoned. Cannabis oil can be prepared by heating marijuana in any edible oil to 90-110 degrees Celsius for 2 hours. Care should be taken not exceed 140 degrees Celsius. The oil can then be ingested by itself or used for cooking.

As mentioned above, another method is to dissolve the THC in alcohol. One technique for infusing liquor or grain alcohol with THC is as follows:

  • Grind up the pieces of marijuana that you want to use in the infusion
  • Put them in a wide mouthed jar with the alcohol
  • Store them in a cool dark place for four days, mixing the ingredients several times daily
  • Boil a pot of water, turn off the flame, and place the closed jar in the water. Let it sit until the water is cool.
  • Strain the contents with a fine strainer.
  • The strained marijuana can be discarded since the THC has been extracted
  • The liquid can be used in the same way as normal liquor

There are other methods and opinions as to how to do this, however this is my tried and true technique. CAUTION: ALOHOL IS FLAMABLE, SO IF YOU COOK IT, BE VERY CAREFUL! Baking the stems before infusion will bring out more THC but it also makes your oven smell like an opium den.

If you like mixing your vices, marijuana candies are commercially available. You can get marijuana chocolates or gummies. One or two bites will do you fine. Again, even greater care must be taken to keep this far away from children. There is even marijuana infused soda. The possibilities are almost endless.

There is a danger involved in edible marijuana that is currently being seriously addressed in legislation where marijuana is legal. Because the effect takes so long to kick in, it is very easy to ingest a larger dose of THC than desired. This is much less of an issue when smoking because the effect is almost immediate and too much THC would knock you out and make it difficult if not impossible to continue smoking. It is technically impossible to overdose on marijuana or to bring on a life-threatening condition from THC intake, it can cause you to be temporarily incapacitated to a greater extent than originally intended. There are attempts at legislation now to solve the situation by regulating and enforcing labeling of products containing THC. It is recommended that you ingest in small doses and wait forty five minutes for the effect to kick in before ingesting more. It is also recommended that you not ingest on an empty stomach.