Elevate’s one hit wood duggout

2015-05-21 13:46:39 | Posted by szanna M
Elevate duggout

Nicest Dugout Ever!  – Elevate Accessories Wood Dugout with One Hitter

There are lots of reasons to want your weed paraphernalia to be stealthy.  Elevate Accessories has answered our prayers and given us one of the cutest little one hitter/ nug box combos on the market.  This thing is so small, you could stick it in your pocket or tuck it away in the palm of your hand.  I can’t tell you how many times a day there is some unwanted snooping in my purse.  My kids are looking for something, the security guard takes a peek as I walk out of a store, my mom is looking for my chap stick, I drop the entire contents of my purse out on the train while I struggle to lug my suitcases on or off, whatever the reason, it isn’t always a great time to announce to the world “Hey! I keep a one hitter and some cannabis with me at all times!”.  And that’s when stealthy paraphernalia comes in handy.

Potheads who are most partial to vaporizing are no stranger to the universe of stealthy blazing, but for us green herb combustors, our options are limited.  Sure your one hitter looks like a cigarette!  Until it drops on tile floor and makes a tiny metal “ping” sound.  That’s no fun.  Or your little blown glass nug jar with a cork top smashes on the train platform as your purse slides off the bench.  Anyway, I digress.  What I mean to impress upon you is this:  if you want to throw a pipe and some herb in your bag and head for town paranoia free – invest in an Elevate Accessories Wood Dugout.  No one who chances a glance will guess what’s inside.

Elevate accessories, based in Denver Colorado (where else), makes this sleek dugout out of tri-tone colored wood.  Inside it is a small “dugout” hole for your weed (or, as their website boasts, your tobacco), and a glass one hitter with a Wild Olivewood mouth piece.

My only complaint is that the dugout is a little deep and slightly inaccessible, so when you get to the end of your mini stash, you mind have a hard time getting it out.  If you happen to travel with a Swiss army knife, just bust out those little tweezers and problem solved.

For $90 it can be yours.  I know, it’s kind of expensive for a piece of wood and a little glass on hitter, but the plus side is that it’s made well, you won’t need to replace it (except maybe the glass one hitter), and the style and design are like no other.