Gaboof Alfa Portable Vape Review

2015-05-25 16:00:49 | Posted by szanna M
Gaboof alfa

The Gaboof Alfa is a tiny lady like stealthy little portable vape.  The Alfa is a dry herb vaporizer, that requires pretty finely ground pot.  It’s incredibly stealthy and the performance is pretty awesome.  You can get seriously nice big clouds of vapor with just a small little draw.  It’s great for sitting and puffing away.  You can get about .3 grams of ground cannabis in the oven, which isn’t huge, but you can get a pretty nice session or two on a full herb chamber.

Herb Chamber

The herb chamber, which is also the oven, has a pretty cool feature.  It has a little pin that comes up in the center and is part of the heating element.  So you have your cannabis being heated both from the outside (the walls of the oven) and a little from the inside from the protruding heating element.  This gives you nice, evenly vaporized herbs.  It also is probably why you get such a nice cloud from such a short draw, you’re getting heat from all directions.

Temperature Dial

One of the nicest features on this vape is the temperature dial.  It’s super user friendly and kind of calming.  Instead of a bunch of numbers, you have high, medium and low which corresponds to temperatures that you’ll find in the instruction manual.  Additionally, you have A/P and A/T features. You’ll get very delicious and smooth hits on the low setting, but much much more vapor on medium.  It stays pretty smooth on the medium setting until the end of the session when the vapor does start to get a little harsh.

Novelty Settings

These settings increase the temperature from low to high as you puff or as time goes by.  This gives you a range of vaporizing experiences during your session.  You start with low and get nice tasty, smooth, aromatic draws.  This is your chance to enjoy those aspects of your ganja.  After a few hits you get to medium.  At medium heat your are getting the bulk of your draws and you will have maximum vape quality.  Lots of nice cloudy vapors.  Near the end the auto by puff or by time setting will bump up to maximum heat.  This is to utilize any remaining ganja, leaving nothing behind.  Auto by puff (A/P) works on a 10 draw system.  Starting you at low and by your tenth draw you are at high.  Auto by time (A/T) goes from low to high over a period of 15 minutes.

Personally, I love this vaporizer.  It is very aesthetic and produces high quality vapor.   I’m also super into the novelty settings, they let me sort of kick back and enjoy my session without switching modes all the tim