Medical Marijuana as Preventative Medicine

2015-01-08 09:54:26 | Posted by szanna M
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Research has proven again and again that cannabis can be used to treat a wide array of medical conditions from loss of appetite to cancer.  Due to the compatibility between the endocannabinoid system and phytocannabinoids found in marijuana, we are able to trigger a shift towards homeostasis in nearly every physiological system in the body with an occasional (or not so occasional!) toke. The endocannabinoid system is even responsible for many functions relating to fertility and menstruation.  Embryos would not successfully implant in the uterine lining were it not for our tiny weed-related friends, nor would babies be able to nurse.

An absolutely mind bending fact is that phytocannabinoids offer the mother plant something similar to what our endocannabinoids offer us.  Phytocannabinoids are responsible for the overall health and homeostasis of the marijuana plant.    People and ganja have a lot in common after all!

So, if our cannabinoid systems are keeping us whole and healthy through general maintenance, would enhancing the cannabinoid system essentially prevent disease?  Some scientists think so.  And here is why….

Take a moment and recall your first time ever smoking weed.  Remember the excitement the anticipation.  Your more knowledgeable friends pack the bowl, roll the blunt, slice the brownie and you pray that you won’t look like a fool when you inevitably cough after your first ever inhale.  And then you wait… and wait… and wait… to feel high, but you don’t really get high.  You might get a little hungry and buy some french fries at a McDonalds for the first time in your life, but it’s not what you had in mind.  Nonetheless you believe the hype and you try again, and again.  And eventually, the third or fourth time you blaze, YOU GET HIGH!  Believe it or not this parable illustrates a scientific principle you need necessary to understanding medical marijuana as preventative medicine, so bear with me.

The more cannabinoids your body is exposed to, whether from inside your body or from cannabis, the more vast your bodies endocannabinoid system becomes.  Smoking weed stimulates expansion and sensitivity of the ECS.  Those first few joints you smoked in your youth triggered the development of the cannabinoid receptors that ultimately made you more sensitive to psychotropic cannabinoids such as THC and enabled you to get high!  In other words, up to a certain thresh hold, the more you smoke, the higher you get.  Now replace “getting high” with “curing disease”, another equally valid function of human/cannabis relations.  If I maintain stable intake of marijuana, wouldn’t that rev up my bodies ECS, and therefore be curing diseases before we are even aware that they have begun?  Preliminary research indicates that this is indeed the case.

Doctors who scoff at herbal medicine will gladly tell you that this function can probably be accomplished by one of the many synthetic cannabinoids produced in a lab, again denying the power of consuming marijuana in its whole natural form.  But consider that marijuana produces a synergistic masterpiece of hundreds of cannabinoids working together.

Smoke up, friends, and let the healing begin!

by Suzanna Mountain