Pipes worth Celebrating

2015-05-20 13:08:23 | Posted by szanna M
Celebration pipes2

Celebration Pipes, by far the most aesthetic way to puff

Celebration pipes are the most beautiful marijuana receptacles on the planet.  Celebration Pipes, are called that by their original creator, Steve, because he hopes that when marijuana is finally liberated, and his friends who are senselessly in jail over cannabis possession are freed from their jail cells, we will all celebrate (hopefully by puffing some kush in one of his lovely celebration pipes).

Celebration pipes are made of lava stoneware.  Lava stoneware is an invention of Steve’s.  It’s basically a composite of different ceramic clays coated with lava rock.  The bowls are attached and then the whole piece is fired, sanded and finished.  The finishings are really what make this bowl gorgeous.  He plates them with 22K gold, opal, platinum, black coral, and so many other beautiful natural finishers.  You can expect your celebration pipe to last you a life time.  The things are stupid sturdy.  And if you puff out of one of these stunning pieces, you’ll be in the company of Arrowsmith, Willie Nelson and a handful of other famous tokers who boast celebration pipes in their collection.

Steve has been making these pipes since 1973 as part of his home ceramic business which originally featured  mugs and bowls (not that kind silly!  The kind for cereal and stuff!).  Out there in the middle of the ocean, on Laie Point , North Shore Oahu, the Sunshine festival was coming to town, and Steve wanted a new product on his table.  The people at the Sunshine Festival couldn’t get enough of his Celebration Pipes, and within a year he was flying to the mainland with a batch of hundreds of pipes and a meeting with the owner of a brand new magazine High Times.  He ran a full page ad in the magazine, and voila, Celebration Pipes have been high marijuana fashion ever since.

But you don’t need to take my word for it.  One peak at Celebration Pipes online store and you will be hooked. You can get a shimmering gold piece for $139.00, not crazy considering that this thing will probably last you for life.  But I opted for the more feminine “Panama Red” which cost only $109.00 (with free domestic shipping!).  It arrived like a diamond ring.  Wrapped in a black velvet bag inside a jewelry box, this is like every pot-headess’ 10th anniversary dream gift.

A percentage of all purchases is donated to NORML (marijuana reformation lobby), aiding to free jailed marijuana “criminals”.