Portable Bong – the Water Puff !

2015-08-31 07:44:47 | Posted by rebberm Eskin
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Portable Bong Launches – turn any water bottle into a bong with WaterPuff

In a world before waterpuff, we owned bongs.  You know, those beautiful decorative water purification smoking apparatuses?  Sure, they are awesome, but they are also bulky, breakable and hard to clean, not exactly an on-the-go bong.  So, in that pre-waterpuff world, when we were on the move, we smoked out of a one hitter, a bubbler, or whatever piece was on hand.  But what about the die-hard bong lovers who for some reason or another find themselves bongless?  You have not been forsaken!  Waterpuff is here to save you.  Never again spend your afternoon McGuivering bongs out of a watermelon, your mom’s tights and some of your window screen (your parents will notice that little squares of screen keep going missing!).  

What is waterpuff?  Waterpuff is a small tube and bowl which attach to any standard water bottle and create the perfect disposable bong.  Despite the claims on their website, waterpuff is not actually the one and only brand that makes such a product.  There is competition in the market!  Check out the Bottle Rocket Bubbler, and see which product is better for you.   The price is similar.  The main difference is this; the bottle rocket bubbler has a removable bowl, much like your glass one at home, this allows you to completely clear the bong.  With the waterpuff, there is no way to remove the bowl and clear the bong.  So, in the event that you don’t finish a whole bongsworth of smoke, you’ll be inhaling nasty stale smoke on your subsequent hit.  This is a major bummer.  You can make a little carb hole in the bottle without much effort, but it is an additional step that you should know about.  The best tricks for making a no-fuss carb hole on your water bottle are –

  1. Hold a lighter up to the bottle just long enough to make a small hole, this could get messy and make a way bigger hole that your finger can cover.
  2.  Heat a metal paper clip or safety pin over a flame and then touch it to the bottle in your desired location, this is significantly safer and more precise than the aforementioned technique.
  3. You can use a small knife such as a fish gutting knife or an exacto knife and carve out a little hole.  This is obviously the healthiest since it doesn’t involve burning plastic… which brings me to my next subject.  

I can’t write this review without at least mentioning that you are heating up and then inhaling plastic.  Small particles of plastic enter your smoke and then your lungs.  This is totally toxic.  I have to endorse the plain ol’ glass water bong and recommend resorting to the waterpuff only when necessary.  

On that note, enjoy :)