Stone-age Stoners; Is Marijuana Paleo?

2015-03-25 10:31:18 | Posted by szanna M
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Did cavemen smoke weed?  The paleo folk are looking for answers and guidance.

You may be familiar with the increasingly popular “paleo diet”.  Contrary to just about the entire history of earth friendly, health conscious, hippy noshing diets, the paleo diet is mostly meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.  You may be wondering why anyone who loves their body and their planet would partake in such a hedonistic meat frenzy.  Well, the theory behind it is that humans developed for several hundred thousand years to exist on a particular diet, namely the aforementioned foods.  For optimal health, humans should eat whatever our Paleolithic ancestors were presumed to eat.  Any food which was introduced after the advent of agriculture, as in grains, pulses, and dairy is not something our humanoid digestive systems were meant to process.

Paleo folks are lacking an authentic tradition on marijuana.  Is it healthy? Are our bodies evolutionarily acclimated to ganja?  Would cavemen enjoy getting high? We need to know. Many of us have looked outside ourselves for guidance on how to maximize our marijuana experiences.  Should I puff on a full stomach or on an empty stomach?  How much of what kind is optimal for a meditative experience?  Would Jesus do it?  Is it true that the manna in the dessert was actually marijuana?  You can essentially divide the paleo/marijuana conundrum into two camps.

  • Did cavemen actually smoke marijuana?  Because if they did, PALEO! But if they didn’t NOT PALEO!
  • Can marijuana use be a part of optimal health?  Because the essence of the paleo lifestyle is attaining optimal health.

As far as whether cavemen got high in the igloos while holding clubs and wearing tiger skin cloaks held together by a dainty saber-tooth just above the right shoulder is really just speculation.  The earliest evidence of human marijuana use dates back only several thousand years.  It does seem, however, that paleo purists give the green light to green buds because they are plants used in an unprocessed form.  If you pick a flower and heat it or eat it, that’s pretty darn old school.

As far as the healthy body-centric paleo people go, it’s controversial.  Yes, weed used medicinally through vapor or edibles on rare occasion is widely accepted.  But getting high because its, well, awesomely fun, most agree that it is definitively un-paleo.  The most compelling argument I read on the matter purported that to be in optimal health, one must be in complete control over their appetites and desires, and marijuana loosens those frameworks, making one susceptible to lethargy, munching, and disdainful weight gain.

So, modern cavemen, the ball is in your court.  Will you be stone-age squares or stone-age stoners?