The Herbalizer – Desktop Vaporizer

2015-04-24 14:06:16 | Posted by szanna M

Best Desk Top Vaporizer; The Herbalizer

Portable vaporizer technology is improving all the time, but the hit you get from them could never compare to a desktop vaporizer.  The Herbalizer is one of the nicest high end desktop vaporizers I’ve sampled.  While it is big, it’s like the Apple of vaporizers with a smooth sleek design that doesn’t look ostentatious on your desk.  When I first saw it, I thought it might be something like the Amazon Echo.  It’s slim and round compared to other vaporizers which also gives it a modern look.  But don’t think The Herbalizer is only about style, the function on this guy is just as highly rated as the fashion.

The Herbalizer can be used either with a balloon or with a whip (a tube like inhalation device which sends you the vapor as it’s made, as opposed to the balloon which stores the vapor and then releases it through a valve on demand).

One feature which sets The Herbalizer apart is its super quick heat up time.  You don’t have to wait around for it to get hot once you turn it on, it’s almost immediate.  It has incredibly accurate temperature control.  For a lighter, maybe daytime, experience, The Herbalizer performs well at low temperatures.  For a thicker, heavier vapor, the functionality at higher temps is in no way sacrificed.

The herb chamber is small relative to other desktop vaporizers of this kind.  Depending on the kind of vaporizing experiences you are looking for, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The total amount of dry cannabis you can get in there is about .2 grams, which really is plenty, you won’t find yourself packing and repacking constantly like you would with a portable vaporizer.  You should be able to fill a balloon about three times with that much herb.

Here is a quick summary:


  • excellent quality vapor at all temperatures
  • quick heating
  • both whip and balloon options
  • great sleek appearance


  • Noisy cooling fans.  Sort of annoying, but not the biggest deal
  • Low quality balloons, barely last a month
  • Not so easy to keep clean
  • At just over $700 it’s a freaking fortune

If $700 is within your budget though, I highly recommend you give The Herbalizer a spin.  It’s an excellent quality vaporizer with a nice sturdy feel and top quality vapor.