The Invention of vaping is better then the I Phone

2016-12-16 01:29:02 | Posted by jonathan Burstein Marijuanamedical Marijuana
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So as I like to tell my fellow smokers who have been around for a while, and I will share it will you all. Vaping cannabis is probably the best invention of the 21st century. OMG. The smell on the vape is next to none, smoke does not rattle up your lungs nor the people around you, and it works as good or better. Now the issue is finding the correct oil that works. I have smoked high and low, near and far in California. My biggest concern is about how they process their oils, I have heard, not verified rumors that people use anti-freeze, and other products. Sooooooooo yea, I would like to avoid inhaling  that kind of gunk. All I can work on right now is the throat test. If I vape it, and it cuts my throat, not the good old cough, but a dry ripping feeling, another words, not good. The other question is disposable or use a battery, both of which hold merit if  you find the right strain. Since many of you do not live in the Golden State, products I recommend may not be available in a shop near you.  So I say, go look, go find, go ask your friends, for a recommendations. In California? Just ask, happy to help. For now peace out and have a weedsta kinda day night or wherever you may be.