The Marijuana Miracle; How Can One Plant Heal Everything?

2015-03-22 08:30:43 | Posted by szanna M
Psychedelic  weed leaf by woosley1998 d6v3gkg

Marijuana is currently regarded as being a heal-all.  How is it that one little plant can do so much?  Let me start with the argument against.  It is true that a plethora of research is pointing towards marijuana being an effective drug in treating ailments in just about every part of the brain and body.  It’s a lot like that dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding who sprays Windex on everything.

There is a research trend that I find somewhat disturbing, but also mysteriously beautiful.  Someone comes up with a theory.  Researches all around the world hear about this theory and find it intriguing.  They set up their own double blind controlled experiments and lo and behold they get the same response.

This trend continues for a good decade, study after study showing the same results.  And then, something disturbing happens.  It stops working.  No one knows why, but new research keeps showing the opposite effect.  Studies that were repeated over and over again, always showing positive results, start showing negative results.

Now nothing according to the old theory seems to work.  This trend has occurred many times.  No one really knows why, but the best guess is this; the hopes and desires of scientists somehow seep into the research.  Double blind double blind but at the end of the day the hopes of the researchers can’t help but influence the results.  Maybe this occurs on a psychic level or maybe it is actually minute details of the research that made it fixed in the first place but that no one could see because of the excitement.

I have heard people claim that this is what is happening with marijuana research.  We are so excited that we are inadvertently creating the results we want.

Let me tell you why I don’t believe that to be the case with weed.  All throughout our bodies, tiny receptors are waiting to be activated or de-activated by endogenic neurotransmitters (produced by our bodies) or compounds that we consume which are analogous or antagonist to those neurotransmitters.  The vast majority of these systems, like the ones controlling milk production or menstruation in females, are localized to the area they effect.  The endocannabinoid system, the one effected by marijuana, is found all over the body.  Cannabinoid receptors are in fact the most abundant in the entire human body, spread across nearly every organ, including our skin!  That means that our body has the infrastructure to be effected by THC, CBD and all the other glorious little compounds found in that good green medicine all over!  That’s why weed can effect the mind, the heart, the skin, the liver, the pain receptors… the list goes on and on.  Because our body is teeming with cannabinoid receptors.

This means that when we consume marijuana, it’s active components are literally effecting our ENTIRE body.  I think that fact demands respect, awe and humility towards one of the finest medicinal herbs our Creator placed on this earth.