The Pinnacle Pro DLX, the Ago G5 and the Dube 2

2015-04-29 13:06:12 | Posted by szanna M
Pinnacle pro vaporizer 3

Best Multimode Vape Pens on the Market; The Pinnacle Pro DLX, The Ago G5 and The Dube 2

As vaporizer technology advances, more and more vape pens are hitting the market which can accommodate loose leaf cannabis as well as wax and oils.  In this review we will look at The Pinnacle Pro DLX, The Ago G5 and The Dube 2.  As stealthy vaporizing grows in popularity, the market is flooded with fly by night attempts at making an attractive, affordable pen.  The price we pay for so many options?  Quality.  Many of these affordable pens (in the double digits already!) won’t stand up to daily use.

The Best Multimode Vape Pens

We’ve compiled  a list of multimode pens that are worth it.  To fit our standards, a pen has to have a decent battery life.  Looking for a discreet place to charge up before getting high is not a fun way to spend your afternoon.  A decent battery life is an absolute necessity.  It’s also nice to have a heating element which gets hot quickly and stays hot for a while so that you can get nice, even hits exactly when you’re ready for them.  And, of course, it needs to be durable.  It’s shocking how many vaporizers can’t spend a whole day in your pocket without snapping in two.  And finally, to pass the test, a vaporizer needs to be easy to pack.  If you need reading glasses just to pack a single hit of weed, you need a new vaporizer.

The Pinnacle Pro DLX

This is no cheap vaporizer.  At $200, this is among the priciest of the multimode pens, and it doesn’t work with e-liquids.  And, in relative terms, the battery life is awful.

Pros: This vaporizer gets to 475F in under a minute!  In my opinion, this makes it worth the drawbacks.  It won’t break if it drops a few feet, even onto hard stone floors.  If water-cooled vaporizing is your thang, than this is without a doubt the right vape pen for you.  The tiny portable water pipe attachment is truly awesome.

The Ago G5

Cons: This guy will disassemble in your pocket in a manner of minutes.  The antiquated coiled wire heating elements heat unevenly and result in scorched buds.

Pros: This pen has an awesome LED display which shows you how much battery life remains and how many hits you’ve taken between charges.  If your primary concern is not getting stuck with a dead battery, this is definitely the pen for you.  And lastly, its only $40.

The Dube 2

Cons: This is NOT the pen you want if your into vaporizing actual green marijuana.  You probably won’t get more than 2 hits each time you pack it.  Who has the time for that?

Pros:  It’s $60 bucks and is by far and away the most easily concealable vaporizing pen I’ve used.  It’s tiny, and it holds up.

As you can see, it’s not easy to find a product that will fit all of your needs to the T.  You need to find out what the most important criteria are for you, and choose based on those criteria.