Vaporizer for the outdoors

2015-08-31 08:05:03 | Posted by szanna M
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The Vapium Summit

The Vapium Summit is like the official vaporizer for outdoorsman.  It’s practically sponsored by Cliff Bars or something.  Their whole thing is that it’s more like a part of your camping gear than it is a part of your secret stash drawer in your office desk.

It works in extreme temperatures, unlike other portable vaporizers.  So, theoretically, you could take the Summit skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, snow shoeing, ice picking, ice skating, ice fishing, cold water spelunking,  or just when you are out on a snow day building snowmen with your kids and you just want to get a whole new perspective on the experience.  So that’s one thing.

Another thing is the rubber grip.  I’ve never had a problem with handling my vape, but I suppose theoretically they could get slippery.  So if this has ever been an issue for you, and you’re sick and tired of dropping your slippery portable vaporizers, The Summit has it all worked out.

Perhaps one of the best features of the Summit is that for just $50 you can purchase their solar charger.  That pretty much makes this the only portable vape in the universe that you can take along with you for long camping trips or even week-long festivals.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this feature and I truly hope that other companies take note and follow suit.

Apropos your aforementioned spelunking habit, the whole thing comes in a very trustworthy dry bag in which you can store your Summit and additional accessories during underwater journeys.  Vapium really  is the outdoorsman’s vape company.

While no vaporizer is perfect, Vapium seems to have thought through some little details that make the Summit a nice piece to own.  For example, the oven door is connected to the body of the vape by a little piece of lanyard.  That way you never put it down and misplace it while packing your oven.  It’s got nice even heating, so you won’t find yourself opening up the oven for a stir midsession, which I’m sure you’ll appreciate.  They’ve got a pretty standard temp control system, one button for on/off and additional + and – buttons for raising or lowering respectively.

At just $149.00 I really think you’re getting an excellent product.  You’ll also notice that, unlikely many portable vapes in the same price range, the Summit produces really excellent tasting vapor.

Whether you’re an avid outdoorsmen or simply in the market for a good quality portable vape under $200, I highly recommend the Vapium Summit.