Weed News High-Lights

2015-02-24 23:23:58 | Posted by szanna M
Sniffer dogs

It’s been an amazing few weeks in marijuana news.  The Surgeon General of the United States acknowledged the medical benefits of marijuana on public television,  plans are put forth to transform a former jail into a massive grow room in Colorado, new research emerges on multiple fronts including marijuana for Alzheimer’s prevention.  But let’s not forget to chuckle a little now and then. Here are some of funnier things that happened in weed news this week:

Eating Weed In New Jersey

This week Jasmin Jeter was riding shot gun on the roads of Elmwood Park when police pulled over the car, at which point Jeter allegedly consumed several bags of marijuana to avoid getting busted.  The cops smelled Jeter’s raw cannabis breath from a mile away and brought her down to the station.  Jeter refused any medical help and said that she felt absolutely fine.

As Barry Bard put it, “Eating raw weed is a bad enough punishment for trying to get a high in New Jersey’s land of prohibition–this girl is no criminal and does not deserve this type of criminal label.”

Do you know how many kilograms of marijuana a person would have to consume in 5 minutes to die from overdose?  227!

New Mexico Woman Finds 13 Pounds of Weed in Her Car!

Ten years ago, a woman bought a used Chevy Van from a dealership.  This week something wasn’t working right with the door handle.  When she had a friend come over and try to fix it, he saw something strange in the siding of the car.  When he opened it up to see what was there… it was THIRTEEN POUNDS OF WEED!!!

The woman immediately called the police who came and remanded the evidence.  Word on the street is that ten year old weed is too old to smoke in any case.

Oregon Drug Dogs Forced Into Early Retirement

While overall employment rates in legalization states are rising, many canines are forced to draw from their pensions or find new jobs.

It may sound silly, but dogs specially trained to sniff out marijuana now have nothing to do.  Some can be retrained and will stay on the force, but many pot sniffers will be out of work.  We hope they will find loving homes.

The cost of a pre trained drug dog is about $10,000, and training drug dogs are another $50,000.  Unfortunately, those already trained to sniff out weed cannot be untrained.