White house Amendment to Marijuana law

2014-12-30 08:19:44 | Posted by szanna M
White house christmas1

The White House has just signed a bill to prevent the use of Federal money to persecute States across America from passing and implementing their own laws in regard to medical marijuana.

Until now, Federal law allowed for the arrest and persecution of cannabis users and growers even in States where Marijuana use was legal. While the amendment doesn’t actually support the legalization of Marijuana it allows States to make their own choices when it comes to Marijuana without fear of Federal retribution, a significant step in the direction towards possible future legalization of cannabis for medicinal use.

Even though the Hinchey-Rohrbacher amendment is temporary – demanding annual revision, for now, the pro-marijuana legal community is happy with the new bill.

In a statement by supporter of the bill, Californian representative Sam Farr, attention was drawn to the fact that Federal money would be better spent fighting crime, than wasted on persecuting medicinal marijuana patients.

While the law applies only to medicinal marijuana patients (MMJ’s), it must be noted that most dispensaries provide service to both recreational and medicinal users, which has created widespread concern amongst those who oppose changes to the Federal law.

While this may explain the white house’s incremental moves on the issue, for now, Christmas just got a whole lot greener.