Worst Marijuana Interview of the Year on HLN

2015-01-19 08:21:18 | Posted by szanna M

Disgruntled talking head and anti marijuana spokeswoman, Nancy Grace, takes on rap star and legalization activist, 2 Chainz.  Watching these two illogical incomprehensible Georgian natives try to navigate a conversation on marijuana on national television was like trying to effectively mediate between two toddlers arguing over who is better, Elsa or Anna.  Neither of them were quite able to articulate there point.  But you could sum it up as follows;

Nancy Grace is certain that if marijuana were legalized that toddlers nationwide would be subjection to forcible marijuana use by their dangerous pot smoking parents.  Her proof of this is that on several occasions, pot smoking parents have been caught subjecting their children to such abuse.  The not so subtle undertones of her argument are also that it is, of course, people of 2 Chainz caliber who would advocate such a dangerous drug.  You know, black, misogynistic, fowl mouthed rappers are exactly the type to want to see weed legalized.  Point taken, Nancy.

2 Chainz argument was that the people who abuse their children with marijuana are doing so because they are abusive people and not because they are under the influence of marijuana.  He argues that people who would do such a thing were very likely under the influence of alcohol or crack, drugs that he does not condone.  2 Chainz argument was rational and sophisticated. He just lacked the debate skills to deliver his argument with proper timing and clarity to really drive the point home, allowing Nancy veer from the point time and time again.

Nancy Graces’ number one tactic is fear mongering.  And not even high-end fear mongering.  More like refer madness, crazy ranting lady who won’t listen to statistical evidence fear mongering.  Despite all research proving her wrong, she continues to warn Colorado residents of the inevitable rise in crime that is bound to occur when the whole state gets high.  He goes on to explain how legalizing marijuana could reduce overcrowding in prisons and save valuable tax payers money and plenty of other valid arguments which she simply can’t hear.

The highlight of the entire unbearable interview was, without question, when Nancy warns 2 Chainz that if marijuana is legalized for recreational use, anybody could get their hands on it.  Without batting an eyelid, 2 Chainz tells her “Umm, I’m not sure if you know but everybody has the ability to get their hands on pot right now, whether it’s legal or not”.

By Suzanna Mountain