Privacy Policy

Policy last updated August 8, 2016.

Mayim Chayim, LLC dba Weedsta ("Weedsta," "We" or "Us") is committed to protecting your privacy. Please review this Privacy Policy ("Policy") to learn more about what information is collected from you; how it is used; how it may be shared with others; what safeguards are in place to protect it; and what may happen in the event that a problem arises.

1. Definitions:

For convenience, unless otherwise designated all definitions assigned in Weedsta's Terms and Conditions (copy available by clicking here retain their same meanings in this Policy.

2. Scope:

This Policy only applies to Weedsta and persons or entities that it owns or controls. Weedsta's Services may include links to other destinations on the Internet whose policies and practices may be different from Weedsta's and that have varying degrees of coverage. Weedsta does not have any control over such persons or entities. You are encouraged to carefully review the policies and practices of every website, application or other online destination or service that you have interactions with beforehand. Further, this Policy is only intended to cover Weedsta account holders, and should not be construed as applying to those who do not have a Weedsta account established.

3. What Information May Be Collected:

To use Services provided by Weedsta, you must provide some basic information. You may consider some of this information "personal" and/or "private." For example, you will need to enter your name and email address when you sign up for an account. You may also be asked to list some details about yourself, such as your city/state/country of residence; a URL for your website or blog; and other information that you maintain.

Certain information may sometimes (though not always) be collected just by using various Services, such as your Internet Protocol ("IP") address; the type of browser, operating system and/or mobile device you are using; any browser "extensions" that provide added functionality during surfing; certain unique identifiers for your computer, tablet or mobile device (e.g. a "MAC" address); information about your Internet Service Provider; your current location; the type of camera you used to take photos; image settings for pictures uploaded to Weedsta; URLs of webpages that you visited immediately before arriving at or after leaving Weedsta's website; what buttons or other items that you "liked" or clicked on within Weedsta; the duration of your Weedsta visit; information about people or things you have recommended via Weedsta; "friends" you have made through Weedsta; messages or files that you sent to friends; as well as information concerning things stored in your vault. Weedsta may also, if you choose to enter into a transaction with third parties, collect information (e.g. financial data) about that transaction to help with commission tracking, market research and other tasks.

You consent to these and other forms of data collection whenever you use any Service. Consistent with industry standard practices Weedsta will, wherever feasible, only collect the minimum amount of information needed to provide the best possible user experience for you. Of course, any information that you voluntarily input into Weedsta is "collected" simply by virtue of your having disclosed it to us.

4. How Information May Be Used:

Weedsta uses your information in ways relating to how you interact with Weedsta, including setting up and maintaining your account, processing transactions, accounting, issuing notifications and changes to its official policies (such as this Policy) and other tasks. Also, Weedsta uses certain information for technical purposes, such as to balance web traffic; evaluate users' browsing activities; gather aggregated demographic information; improve the design, operability and reliability of systems and websites; and to customize and enhance your user experience. Third parties that we share information with pursuant to the limitations of this Policy (see below) may also use the information for various purposes. Whenever you use any Service, you consent to these and other uses. As with "Collection" above, Weedsta will, wherever feasible, only use the minimum amount of information (and to the minimum extent needed) to provide an optimal user experience for you.

5. How Information May Be Shared:

When you use any Service, certain information may be shared other persons or entities, whether by you, by Weedsta or an agent acting on its behalf. For example, Weedsta may share information with third parties about you in order to:

  • Respond to or comply with any subpoenas, court orders, or other forms of legal process;
  • Establish or exercise legal rights or defend against legal claims;
  • Investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, including the violation of this Policy, or situations involving potential threats to the safety, privacy or legal rights of Weedsta or another individual or entity;
  • Maintain, update or improve Weedsta's Services, including without limitation the Website and/or the Application;
  • Comport with any law, statute, regulation, court ruling or administrative order;
  • Be acquired by or merge with another entity, procure financing or investment, or undertake restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings; or
  • Address customer support requests.

Weedsta may also share information with its partners, affiliates and agents to allow you to purchase things that you have recommended, or that have been recommended to you by your friends or by Weedsta. By using any Service, you consent to such sharing.

Always bear in mind that many of Weedsta's Services are "public-facing" by default. This means that certain information that you share within Weedsta may be viewed and redistributed by others (including Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing) unless you provide specific instructions to the contrary or configure settings in your account to stop this. Also, if you share information with another person, he/she may repost it - either within Weedsta or at some other online location. If you are uncomfortable with the prospect of a particular piece of information being redistributed or made publicly viewable, you should not input it into Weedsta. That being said, if Weedsta is the one sharing your information (assuming that such information is "personally identifiable) wherever feasible it will: (i) limit any such disclosures to only those persons or entities that Weedsta believes, in its sole discretion, have a legitimate need to know and use it to help provide Services to you; (ii) only share the minimum amount of information needed to offer those Services; and (ii) provide reasonable notice to you (e.g. by updates to this Policy or via alerts disseminated via its Website or Application) about what is being shared and with whom.

6. Information Safeguards:

Weedsta has implemented industry-standard technical, physical and administrative safeguards to protect your information, and will continue to update and improve such mechanisms over time. For example, Weedsta typically employs "secure" connections (such as SSL/TLS) and encrypts non-public data (such as your account password) so that it cannot be interpreted by unauthorized parties. Weedsta also educates its staff and agents acting on its behalf about the importance of protecting users' privacy and the details of this Policy. Although Weedsta takes such measures to help guard against data breaches and other harmful activities, due to the highly fluid and ever-changing nature of the Internet and electronic commerce, Weedsta does not and cannot guarantee that your information will never be disclosed in a manner inconsistent with this Policy or applicable law.

There is a lot that you can do to help avoid unauthorized access to your information. For example, Weedsta highly recommends using "strong" passwords (i.e. ones that are of sufficient length and complexity that a hacker cannot simply guess them via social engineering or "brute force" attacks) for your account. You can also use a third party password management service (such as, though this is entirely based on what you feel is most convenient and best for your security. Weedsta has no control over any such service. To help guard against "phishing" or similar techniques, you should always be extremely suspicious of any request for a password, social security or tax ID number, credit card, billing or financial information via email, telephone or fax. Weedsta does not do this, and if any individual or entity making such a request purports to either be Weedsta itself or someone acting on its behalf, please forward the communication you received to us as soon as possible and (if appropriate) contact your local police or other law enforcement agency.

7. Breach:

In the unlikely event that information about you is, in fact, inadvertently collected, disclosed and/or used in any manner contrary to this Policy, Weedsta will make any necessary legal disclosures to you via email or conspicuous posting on its Website or Application as soon as possible, consistent with applicable law. Further, Weedsta will cooperate to the fullest extent with any law enforcement, administrative or regulatory process concerning such events. You give Weedsta consent to take whatever measures it considers reasonably necessary to determine the extent of the disclosure/use; correct any discrepancies; and to implement protective measures concerning same.

8. Onward Transfers:

Weedsta may transfer data between various locations as part of its day-to-day operations, most notably within the United States of America. If you use any Service, you consent to having your information sent to any such location without additional notice. Weedsta will agrees to make commercial reasonable efforts to notify you if and to the extent that any personally-identifiable information is sent outside the United States.

9. Choice:

In many situations, you can customize how data is collected, used and shared with Weedsta. You also have the option of reviewing, changing or deleting your account information via the Weedsta user interface, as well as "hiding" certain information from view by others. You also may deactivate your account if you so choose. However, if you do deactivate your account, be advised your profile information (including your account history, friends and your recommendations) may be deleted at Weedsta's sole discretion and without further notice to you.

10. Cookies:

Weedsta may set and access "cookies" or similar software on your computer. Cookies are small text files stored on your hard drive that can help improve functionality and your user experience. Weedsta may also use cookies to see which pages or elements on our site get the most visits. This helps ensure that the content of each page is relevant and engaging. Weedsta may also use cookies to check to see if you have visited our Webite before, and (if so) whether you have specific preferences or things that you would like the site to do automatically. Weedsta typically encrypts the contents of its cookies, and information is also verified on our servers for accuracy.

Many Internet browsers are pre-configured to allow the use of cookies automatically. If you decide that you no longer wish to accept cookies, this can often be changed without much difficulty via settings in your browser. Please consult the help documentation provided with the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) for more information on how to do this. Be advised that some functionality within Weedsta may not perform well (or at all) if the use of cookies is disabled or limited.

11. Access:

The profile settings in your Weedsta account give you the ability to access and change certain information we store about you, such as your name, email address and other items.

12. Account Deletion:

If at any time you wish to delete your Weedsta account, send us an email to

13. Children's Privacy:

Weedsta is primarily designed for users over the age of Twenty-One (21) years old. Under no circumstances does Weedsta direct any of its Services at children under 13 years of age, and they are not intended to be viewed or used by them at any time, or in any form. Further, pursuant to the requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA") in the United States, Weedsta will not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13, and to the extent such information is inadvertently collected, Weedsta will make every commercially reasonable effort to obtain permission from the child's parent and/or permanently delete the information once it has actual knowledge of such collection. Children should always get permission from their parents before providing any information about themselves (including without limitation first and last names, home addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth) to others, whether via the Internet or any other means.

14. Communications:

When you sign up and while your account is active, Weedsta may send you notifications from time-to-time via email or other means. These communications would include information that Weedsta deems, in its sole discretion, to be necessary to provide the best possible user experience, or that may be of particular interest to you. If you do not want to receive communications falling into the latter category, an "unsubscribe" link will typically be included and you can click the link to stop further contact . You may also send an email communicating a request for this to

15. Changes:

Weedsta may update this Policy from time-to-time without prior notice to you, and our activities are governed by the most current version in effect at any given time. You should check back regularly in order to receive prompt advisement of such changes.